5 Top Furniture Ideas For A Combo Of Contemporary & Classic Home Décor

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If you are looking to buy some new furniture, you need to stick to the pattern of the existing ones. So, if you need a new kitchen cabinet for your renovated kitchen, you need to reflect on the pattern of the existing furniture in your living room, dining room, etc. If they are modern and follow the trend, you need a trendy kitchen cabinet. If they are classic, you need a classic kitchen cabinet. Indeed, buying new furniture comes with the baggage of identifying the style of your existing furniture.

Singapore Carpenterz and Furniture Ideas

If you are looking to overhaul the internal décor of your house, you have ample opportunity to impart a new identity to it. You can go for all modern or all classic furniture and piece of home décor. Occasional furniture is functional instead of being decorative. Moreover, could be used when required instead of being essential items such as sofas and chairs. Yes, some of you find a coffee table to be essential, but only during times when you need it to rest a drink or a plate. You may relax during the evening sprawled on your sofa to watch TV without needing to use an occasional piece of furniture. The point is decorating your home according to what you would like it to look.

If you are still in two minds about whether to follow modern trends or stick to classics. Here is a list of ideas that can help you come up with fashionable, yet timeless ideas. Let us go through some of them.

1. Nature Inspired Materials

A polished wooden floor, a beautiful wall with a stone accent, etc., can stand the test of time. These pieces of furniture offer a natural vibe and a connection with nature. So, even when you are spending time at home, it would feel good to feel close to nature. Moreover, they retain their luster and utility for a long time.

2. Soft Edges

Gentle curves and soft edges have a calming effect. Depending on the design, it can look both trendy and classic. Even for a contemporary home, pieces of furniture with soft edges can fit very well with your modern lifestyle. You need to hire experienced and reputed Singapore Carpenterz so make sure that you get exactly what you desire.

3. Natural Colors

Touches of bold color in harmony with a neutral color palette can have a calming effect on your senses. You don’t need to use strong colors since that can make your home look outdated. Rather, go for trendy, but natural hues rooted in nature. You can go for serene blues, sunny yellows, and many such colors rooted in nature.

4. A Vintage Touch

A mixture of classic designs and modern lines can give rise to enchanting pieces of furniture and home décor. Vintage styles have their character. They make rooms interesting and give them an eclectic look. You don’t need expensive antiques. Reputed Singapore carpenterz can integrate vintage designs into trendy pieces of furniture.

5. Furnishing With Accessories

Modern home décor needs to be minimalist in look and feel. Space has to be used smartly, with simply a few furniture items placed in different areas of a room. With such kind of settings, there is an intelligent use of accessories, to attain balance in the rooms. The most common accessories that serve this purpose are: lighting, wall decorations, rugs, vases, mirrors, mats, figurines and statues. For most homeowners, the task of organizing all these accessories to create a good balance and appeal, might sound daunting. However, you can surf the net for ideas on using accessories in a home. Moreover, getting modern furniture provides you with the kind of pieces that are specifically designed for the modern residences. You might get spacious and comfortable lounges, entertainment units, recliners and wall units.


To conclude, Furniture and Home Décor can change the look of your house in an interesting way. However, you need an experienced carpenter to help create the desired effect. Having said that, whether you are looking to overhaul your furniture and furnishing. Or, you are simply interested in a few pieces to cover a renovated home; consult a reputed and experienced carpenter.

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