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5 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Drawers Planning Tips

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The kitchen is among the spaces that need a perfect fit of beauty and ergonomics. Modular kitchen accessories make things quicker and easier. However, many homemakers focus more on the aesthetic part.
Even at the cost of ergonomics which may limit the utility value.
Cabinets are among key parts of a modular kitchen due to their size, looks, and more importantly utility profile.
With some more thought investment in modular kitchen Cabinet hardware planning- especially cabinets/drawers.
You can not only make the best use of available space but also make your kitchen time more productive and enjoyable.
In this article you will read some of the smart kitchen cabinet hardware that will keep your kitchen organized. It maximize the storage space and help you get more done quicker:

Use a right mix of shallow and deep shelves

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to storage cabinets. Different items have different storage requirements depending upon their size, shape, and use. So, consider using an ideal combination of deep and shallow drawers positioned appropriately to facilitate smooth working.

For instance, you may not like to position a deep drawer directly below the hob. It will be difficult to open and close. Use that space for shallow drawers instead. Align it wisely to avoid any ergonomic issues. You can use it for storing spice containers, and other items that you often use during the cooking process. For serving dishes and cooking utensils you can use deep drawers. Again it is advisable to wisely decide the horizontal and vertical position that you can access easily.

Avoid cutlery-clashes Kitchen cabinet hardware by using cutlery organizers

Homemakers often struggle with finding the right cutlery when working in the kitchen. It creates stress and spoils the overall cooking experience. You can banish this by placing cutlery organizer trays in your drawers.
These are specially designed to neatly arrange forks, knives, stocking spoons, and other cutlery items- each in its separate compartment.
Which means no more “cutlery clashes” when fumbling for the right cutlery item of the right size.

Maximize space-use with vertically arranged Kitchen cabinet hardware

One of the best ways to overcome the space issue- especially in small kitchens. Cabinet hardware is to make the best use of vertical space.

It will not only enable you to store more in a smaller width. knobs and pulls will also save you from too much to-and-fro between cabinets.

With multiple cabinets, you can take out regular groceries (flour, rice, etc.) and relevant containers/accessories. So, its vertically arranged Kitchen cabinets hardware actively support multitasking as well.

Narrow drawers to avoid bottle-falls

For storing bottle-packaged cooking items like sauces, oils, chutneys, and others, you can opt for bottle pull-ups.
These drawer should be wider for knobs and pulls. drawers would be painted as well.

You don’t stand a risk of breaking the bottle while opening/closing these drawers due to their narrow width; most of the bottle may slant to a side without falling. It is good to keep it at a comfortable height above the cooktop (and not below it) so that.
You can quickly glance at the sides of the bottle and quickly pick up the one that you need.

Make best use of awkward corners with custom-shaped cabinets

One of the most unused portions of the kitchen is its corners, especially the ones with awkward angles. You can easily put this space to use by fitting especially shaped corner drawers. That almost perfectly fit into these corners.

Make sure you use the space for items that can easily be taken out like round-shaped containers. It is only shallow drawers in those spaces so that you can take quickly.


A modular kitchen enables homemakers to design their kitchen cabinet hardware. It is best deal for kitchen cabinet knobs
Unique way by providing them a specific theme to follow which can of course be customized as per the requirements.
Knobs not many homemakers are keen to review and customize. The design theme of modular kitchens and end up limiting their kitchen experience. Cabinets, if planned wrongly, are generally the major reason for disturbing homemakers’ experience.
smart cabinet Hardware planning tips to enhance their ergonomic value, support multitasking, and speed up kitchen tasks.

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