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19 Of The Strangest Home That’ll Make You Go Surprised

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Everybody has their own way of communicating. While some prefer to dance and music, others enjoy writing poetry and prose. Architecture is one of the most overlooked forms of art. It is not easy to design a beautiful home. It is a home that makes its inhabitants feel more at ease than anywhere else. Calculate the area using an area calculator.

While most architects create homes that are well-integrated into urban centres around the globe, some architects like to stand out. Their homes are used to make a statement. Here are some of the most bizarre and unusual houses around the globe. The land area calculator will help you to measure the area.

1. Transparent House, Tokyo, Japan

This house is for you if you love the natural light in your home. This house is completely transparent. It allows for lots of natural light, but also privacy. This house was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects and is inspired by our ancestors, who lived in trees.

2. Skateboard House in Malibu, California

This place is for skateboard enthusiasts. The whole house is designed as a large skateboarding rink. Pierre Andre Senizergues designed the house, who was a former champion in pro-skating.

3. The Keret House in Poland

This house is the world’s smallest. At its widest point, it measures 152 cm. Jakub Szczesny is the only resident of the house and also its designer. He wanted to ensure that no urban space was left unoccupied. He inserted his house between two buildings.

4. The Hobbit House in Wales

This house is straight out of Hobbiton. It was built by a photographer who was obviously a big LOTR fan. It was constructed entirely from natural materials, and it cost $5200.

5. Old Water Tower in Belgium

The tower also contained water. It was used during World War II as a Nazi hideout. Bham Design Studio, a Belgian design firm, decided to make this tower 100 feet high into a comfortable, well-designed house.

6. The Flintstones House in Malibu, California

It is almost identical to the Flintstones house from the 1960s cartoon. You can purchase this ‘rocking’ home for $3.5million.

7. Dumpster Home, New York City

Gregory Kloehn is a California designer who transformed an old dumpster into his own home. Although it’s small, the home has everything he needs to live there. There is storage space, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and even a toilet.

8. Giant Seashell House in Mexico City

Arquitectura Organica, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi, designed this large seashell-shaped home for four families in Mexico City. The house’s exterior features are reminiscent of Wright and Gaudi.

9. The Steel House, Lubbock (Texas)

This house was built by Robert Bruno over 23 years. It was initially intended to be a single-story structure, but Bruno kept adding more. Now it’s three stories high and looks almost like a steel pig. Because of the amazing views from Ransom Canyon below, he chose this location.

10. Star Trek Voyage House, Hinckley, Leicestershire

This house was designed to look like the interior of a Star Trek ship. It features LED lighting and intergalactic sound effects. Tony Alleyne built the beautiful home, but it was lost to his ex-wife after a legal battle. It is a wonderful place to live long and prosper.

11. Upside Down House Trassenheide Germany

The house was constructed by Sebastian Mikiciuk and Klaudiusz Golos, Polish architects. It is part of the “World Upside Down Project.” The house allowed visitors to see the world in a new way. The entire house, including furnishings, is upside-down.

12 . The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

To commemorate the founding of the World Toilet Organization, Sim Jae-Duk, the Mayor of Suwon, had this house made in the shape of a toilet. There is a rooftop balcony with flags from many countries that can be seen. This house is also very expensive and can be purchased for over one million dollars.

13. Dupli.Casa Ludwigsburg, Germany

This house was designed by J.Mayer (a German architect, well-known for his bizarre concept homes). The house’s shape is a bit distorted but it looks great.

14. Cohetillos, El Alto, Bolivia

Freddy Mamani, a Bolivian architect, designed these kitsch-looking mansions in order to reimagine the city that was once famous for its monochromatic architecture. In the last nine years, he has built over 60 of them and more are on the horizon.

15. S-House, Saitama, Japan

It has something special about glasshouses and Japanese design. The interior is simple but well-designed. This house was designed by Yuusuke Karasawa in Japan. It allows for plenty of natural light to enter but does not offer privacy.

16. Egg House. Beijing, China

Rising real estate prices in China’s capital caused concern for Dai Haifei, a Chinese architect. What did he do then? He constructed a house in the shape of an egg on a sidewalk. It meets his basic needs and is completely powered by solar power. It was also very affordable. This was built for $964.

17. Rancho Burrito, East Austin, Texas

This home is an example of sustainable living. The home includes a bedroom, kitchen, and hot tub, all within a shipping container measuring 280 square feet. It’s no wonder that it makes motorists stop and take notice.

18. Shark Attack Home, Headington, Oxford

It is clear to see why the house was named. Bill Heine, a BBC radio DJ, had a fiberglass-fiber Great Whale installed on the roof of his house in 1986. It is the most well-known landmark in the area and is easily identifiable.

19. Gue(ho)st House, Delme, France

This house is difficult to describe in words. This house was designed by architects Berdaguer & Pejus. It is a renovated prison. The all-white, haunting exterior is made from polystyrene with light resin.

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